Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.

Who We Are:

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Interested in shooting sports ? then read on. 

Welcome to our club website, we are a small to medium sized multi-discipline club based in the west of Scotland

The club is Home/Scottish Office Approved and is affiliated to the National Rifle Association we are also affiliated to the Scottish Clay Target Association. We shoot - Full Bore , Small Bore, Breech loading Black powder, Muzzle Loading Rifle & Pistol and also Clay Target at various outdoor locations throughout Scotland plus we have regular Club meetings at an excellent & comfortable indoor facility where we can practice for precision small-bore or gallery rifle competition.

Within our ranks there are members from all walks of life whose interests vary from the Historic classics, through Open class, traditional Target rifle, Sporting rifle, Small-Bore, Gallery Rifle, Clay target or any combination that falls inside the wide range of shooting opportunities we can offer and as a member you would of course be eligible to enter and compete for honours or for fun in our club competitions.

If you are looking to join a shooting club to hone existing skills or as a step to competition level or possibly even just as a relaxation hobby why not try us, we have a range of expertise and can offer advice and coaching on a variety of subjects from the basic dynamics of the sport through reloading to internal and external ballistics.


Clay Target Shield

Winner 2016

Steve Bradley

Rifle Shield Winter & Summer

Winner  2016

Jim McCall

Club History

The Claymore Rifle Pistol & Gun Club was founded in the 1970's; The name 'Claymore' (gaelic for big sword) was adopted and the club has as its symbol a sword which is a direct copy of the original sword that was on display at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries. The club logo is a stylised version of that. Since its inception the Club has evolved and diversified we have various categories of membership and we continue to develop and expand our activities for the benefit of our membership into the future to promote target shooting sports with responsible gun ownership and public safety as our primary objective. We are a gender neutral and equal opportunity club that welcomes people with a genuine interest in the sport.